Client Name Lindo Co. Representative Moon Hee Song
Establishment Date July 24 1999 Type of Business Corporate Body
Business License Number 506-81-32770 Corporate Registration Number 171711-0037505
Business Status Production Business Industry/th> Production of Farming&Forestry Facilities (Code No.-29210)
Number of Staff Production: 20
Management: 15
Factory Size Plottage : 150,032㎡
Production Facilities : 5,588㎡
Additional Facilities : 1,141㎡
Sales 11.48 Billion Won (2010 Standards)
Address 879 Yonghan, HeungHae, North Province, Pohang City, Gyeongbook
960 Haean HeungHae, North Province, Pohang City, Gyeongbook
Contact T . 054)240-2200
F . 054)242-1108
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2010 Factory Relocation and Expansion, Establishment of Technology Institution
Factory Relocation and Expansion to Pohang Harbor Business Industry and establishment of technology research institution and investments in facility production to open up advancement of livestock industry and T.M.R production facility and system establishment.
2009 INNO Biz Company Selected Venture Company
Selected as innovative small and medium sized company from the Small and Medium Business Administration
2005 Acquired Quality Certification
Acquisition of International Standard Quality Certification USO9001 to supply a better high quality product.
2004 Developed unpackaged vehicle
type transportation distributor – Developed, acquired patent, produced and developed unpackaged vehicle-type transportation distributor
2003 Export to Japan
Made contract with the Japanese Farming Facility Company, Consistent Export
1999 Change of corporate body name and foreign export
Chung Han Co. → Lindo Co. Corporate body name change
Export of T.M.R distributor and production facilities to large farms in Russia (Khabarosvsk), China (Liaoning Province, Heungryong Province, Sichuan Province, Naemonggo), Vietnam (Hanoi)
1998 Developed T.M.F specialized ferment
supplied to average farms and to T.M.F fodder production factories
1995 Developed 2Auger Type T.M.R Mixer
Developed the most appropriate 2Auger Type Knife Attached T.M.R distributor to Korean farming and was authorized by Farming Machine Research Institution.
1989 Developed T.M.R Mixer
With the start of cultivator type T.M.R Mixer, developed 3Auger Type T.M.R mixer, 4Auger Type T.M.R mixer, and drill type T.M.R mixer.
Product Type Form Capacity Production Ability
Farming Type TMR Mixer Rail Type
Fixed Type
Drawbar Type
11,13,16,20,22(㎥) 300 units
Non-packaged distributor Vehicle-attached 1TON-5TON 25 units
Factory Type Plant 10TON-200TON 10 units(small)